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At Russell Financial Services, IRS problem solving goes well beyond saving money for our clients. As a tax professional and business owner who
has practiced for 25 plus years, Rhonda Russell runs the offices, a small but nationwide tax firm, located in the Lake Havasu City area. The firm
focuses solely on helping individuals and businesses overcome the stress and devastation associated with IRS problems. “The one thing I really
enjoy is that I have very relieved, happy clients at the end of the process. When people first come to me, they are usually terrified. They are
afraid that their bank account will be levied, their wages will be garnished, or their properties will have an IRS Tax Lien imposed upon them. Certified
letters from the IRS rob them of their sleep. Anxiety and stress levels are high.” We help you solve your IRS problems before you are overwhelmed.
If you’ve had the displeasure of experiencing an IRS dispute, you know how miserable the agency can be to deal with. Despite the reputation
of the IRS as an aggressive, unpleasant bureaucracy, they can be dealt with.

Retirement and Financial Services

"Insuring Your Retirement”  We, at Russell Financial Services, are in the business of implementing tax and financial strategies to ensure our clients profit asset protection, wealth preservation and financial well being. We combine our education, experience and Expertise in Tax and Estate Planning to determine each of our individual clients goals, and then implement strategies to accomplish those goals. Estate Planning is NOT only for the wealthy. Whether you have $500 or $5 Million, we can help.

“Your Success Is Our Success”
Toll Free Nationwide (844) 297-6868
(928) 855-6868

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