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The firm is primarily dedicated to helping individuals and businesses resolve IRS problems. With 25 plus years of experience, we are ready to help
you. Our firm understands the stress our client’s feel when they have the IRS pressuring them to pay taxes. Needless to say, any organization as powerful as the IRS with the authority to levy or seize your property without having to go to Court can be tremendously intimidating. Our primary
goal for our clients is to alleviate the stress and fear associated with tax problems and devise a solution to resolve existing or future IRS problems.
Our firm is committed to answering all your questions and providing competent representation.

This is very important to understand because serious IRS problems deserve professional attention. We are based in Lake Havasu City and focus our practice on personalized service in our local community. We do, however, offer nationwide service. We strongly believe taxpayers that find themselves at odds with the IRS should never speak directly with the IRS, even if they feel they have nothing to hide. It is common for many IRS cases to be generated from seemingly normal conversations. Avoid worrying about IRS problems by having an experienced professional handle
all the IRS discussions. If you have questions regarding an IRS problem, we are a phone call away to start helping you.

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