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At Russell Financial Services, we are in the business of implementing tax
and financial strategies to ensure our clients the preparation need to
ensure a comfortable retirement.  We combine our education, experience and Expertise in Tax and Estate Planning to determine each of our
individual clients goals, and then implement strategies to accomplish those goals.  Estate Planning is NOT only for the wealthy. Whether you have
$500 or $5million, Tax and Estate Planning is essential to peace of mind. 
If you attend one of our free seminars, you will learn Pre/post retirement strategies.  How to find excellent rates of return on your money. 
How to NOT outlive your income during your retirement.  How to avoid running out of money in retirement.  Tax strategies for corporations, partnerships & small businesses.  401(K)'s, IRA's, SEP's and SIMPLE's.  Reduce your tax burden and at Russell Financial, we know the steps to
take to insure and protect your future in retirement. 
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