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Unfiled Tax Returns

If you are seeking help filing current or back tax years returns, the tax professionals at our firm can help. Tax professionals working within our firm can help keep you current on all your tax filing needs. Taxpayers may get behind in filing tax returns and often make the problem worse by never correcting the problem and never filing. You know the IRS will eventually start looking for you, if they arenít already. Most people are unaware that the IRS can in fact prepare missing returns for you. Should they start the process to do so, you should immediately contact an experienced tax professional. Whenever the IRS prepares your returns, they may be unaware of any possible deductions, expenses, dependents or even your actual filing status. Likewise, any other tax-saving strategy which may benefit you may be omitted. Most people with unfiled tax returns are afraid of what will happen to them when
they start filing again. By using our firm to represent you as you file these old returns, we will be the primary contact with the IRS. We will deal with all the IRS communications and will help you straighten out your IRS problems with a minimal amount of worry. Once the missing returns are filed, our firm will then stand by you to assist with resolving the resulting outstanding taxes owed, if any.

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