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IRS Tax Lien Assistance

A federal tax lien is how the IRS “secures” itself and ensures you don’t sell your assets before they can get their hands on them. Tax liens show up on your credit report and can keep you from selling your assets, including your home. The consequences of a federal tax lien go far beyond the payment of outstanding taxes. Whether or not the lien is justified, the damage done to a business or individual can be irreparable. A taxpayer may be given the opportunity to challenge the lien, but as a practical matter, mounting a challenge to a tax lien can be extremely difficult and time consuming. Currently, there are new IRS programs in place which may allow the removal of the lien, provided certain conditions are met. Each of the lien options generally requires written requests and communication with the IRS. They are often made along with other resolution proposals, like Installment Agreements.

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