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Separation of Liability...Equitable Relief

As part of its investigation, the IRS is required to contact the spouse or former spouse of the taxpayer who is requesting relief from liability. The IRS must allow the spouse or former spouse to provide information that may assist in determining the extent of relief from liability. However, the IRS will not provide information to the spouse or former spouse that could infringe on the privacy of the requesting taxpayer. If that taxpayer is a victim of domestic abuse and fears that filing a request for relief will result in retaliation, the IRS can be alerted to the sensitivity of the requesting taxpayer’s situation. While this does not result in special consideration, evidence of abuse is one factor that the IRS considers for certain types of relief. Additionally, Injured Spouse Relief, as opposed to Innocent Spouse Relief, may be requested when the IRS withholds a refund from a joint return due to the debt or obligation of only one of the taxpayers.  We have experience in helping people like you solve this problem.

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