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Service Guarantee

Our clients deserve the best. Thatís why we guarantee our clientís satisfaction with the service we provide. We made, and continue to make, this promise because of our confidence in our skills, experience, judgment and our commitment to delivering high quality, client focused service. We
believe communication is the key to our success.  Our guarantee is structured to foster an open, candid relationship with our clients. We pledge
to provide services that effectively address each clientís specific objectives. Although a firm cannot guarantee the results of a case,
we can and do promise to put our clients first, working with them to identify, address, and effectively pursue their objectives. To ensure that we provide this level of dedication, we framed our guarantee in these terms:

We cannot guarantee outcomes, but we do guarantee your satisfaction with our service. If at any time we do not perform to your satisfaction, we
ask that you inform us promptly in writing. We will then attempt to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.  At Russell Financial, we strive to offer VIP treatment to every customer, and measure our success based on meeting or exceeding your expectations. Providing and improving value to our
customers is the primary measure of our success!  It's our service guarantee...That we will give 100% and more.

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